About the music

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Hova is a master of all genres of music from Jazz, to Classical, to Flamenco, to Pop, to traditional International tunes.  His style is his own.  Words can not describe it.  You need to hear it!!  Click here to listen for yourself.



Alex Theater in Glendale California
Apricot Entertainment Presents
Leyla Saribekyan and Arsen Grigoryan (Mrro)
With Music Director Hova Burian
Sunday, November 9, 2008


About the Musician

Pic 2 Hova Burian plays 8,5,6 strings H.B. model fretted and fret less custom hand made Armen basses and endorses them in LA. Hova uses custom hand made amp. 1200w. by Walter Woods and custom made Burgontino cabinets. He uses costume made gage strings by Conklin. On the first 6 string 31 fret bass he uses custom made Bartolini pickups. On the second 6 string 28 fret and 29 fret less and 8 string 28 frets he uses Armen pickups. He plays upright bass by Carlo Robely. .       more...



About Abst3act
Hova on bass, Pete on drums and Vache on piano & keys. have been playing together  since 2000. They have played at world famous Jazz clubs, all the Armenian TV shows, VH1, LA Times and 88.1 radio station had presented ABST3ACT.  They are well known for their unique style and compositions...