About the Musician

HovaBass Hova was born in 1979 in Armenia, Gyumri where he attended music school in 1985 at the age of 6. In 1991 Hova and his family moved to the states for better opportunities in life. Perusing his career being a musician Hova started playing gigs when he was 14 year old, and by age 17 he was performing at concerts.
Classically trained by Hmayak Beazyan, Hova was playing electric and acoustic guitars till he met Armen Tiran in 1998 who was a composer and a bass player. He told Hova " have you tried playing bass? " knowing that Hova has a better potential playing the bass rather than acoustic or electric guitar because of the hand and finger techniques he was using to play the guitar. He also loved playing the bass line, the melody and the chords to the whole song with the guitar, says Armen Tiran. From then on Hova started playing bass and became very passionate and continues his journey of being a musician.
  Hova is a composer, arranger, a song writer and a poet.

About the Bass: Hova plays basses made exclusively by Armen Blbulian
                                            and endorses them in Los Angeles:

About the Bass Maker (in his own words):

 I was born July 6, 1958 in Yerevan (Armenia).

Like my parents and brother I was educated to be a teacher of French, but as fate willed I had to go my own way.

I fell in love with wood as a child and began painting and making guitars. I built my first instrument at 6. It was a tiny model of guitar.

At 14 I left musical school (classical guitar) and began to play in different amateur and professional groups. Parallel to playing I went on painting. It was difficult to choose between them.


Soon after I realized that guitar making is the very profession which demands versatile skills and special knowledge. As a craftsman I'm self-taught. I've never apprenticed to anyone and consider Leo Fender my extramural teacher, because I've learned much from his guitars by repairing, and copying them. From early childhood I have been a rebel against stiff rules and constraint. Being self-taught I'm free in fantasy and style. In my work I'm guided by my logic, theoretical knowledge and experience.


I do everything with my own hands: from design, wood selection and wood cutting to mechanics, pickups, electronics, incrustation and varnish. My only help is my elder brother. 

The three of my models ''Pete'', ''Aro'' have been named in honor of my parents and brother. I have novelties on guitar mechanics, two copyrights for ''Pete'' and ''Lucie'' models, many new design. Twice I took part in American NAMM shows. I would be glad to fulfill your wishes and dreams of guitars and stringed instrument.  I express gratitude to my lovely parents  LUCIE and PETE from whom I have inherited my musical and drawing skills.

I extend my thanks to all whose assistance has upheld me greatly.